This year, like the previous 10+ years we have attended Geneva Motor show. In my opinion, there was not much interesting concepts/models to see. However I am really struck by some of the very fine examples anyway.

Avendator J has moved me with its color more than anything! Its multi-layered red was really provocative!

This year, formula inspired center fixed wheels were all over Volkswagen group. As far as I remember Porsche had its patent, now almost every group brand had an example of it, along with other niche sports brands.

Also one full carbon fiber wheel.

The star of last Frankfurt fair, at least for me, the plastic wheel from Smart and BASF was nowhere to be seen. I wonder what will become of it in the end.

Almost every concept car along with a few production wheels had plastic accessories. Some for decorative pure reasons, some for weight reduction intentions.

I really liked the new Peugeot 208 from mid segment new styles. It is way better than Peugeot’s designs and I hope they stick to this and change their old concept language (especially 308 please) as soon as possible.

Overall the hit of the fair was Brand new A series from Mercedes. I am pretty sure cloudy days for BMW 1 series awaits. It is sleek, clean and elegant. I wonder what the price will be though.

Needless to add, there were CMS wheels everywhere. Did I mention that we are the third biggest OEM aluminum alloy wheel manufacturer in Europe? No? Fine.

Finally, I would like to add that I love new Carrera design, especially the flawless rear. I.. I just… am speechless…